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Rules For Adding Videos
- If you're new to dumping here, your site must be a quality site.
- There are NO ratios here. Please give a hard link back to us instead.
- If you want to add videos on our website be sure you have first time link with our website on index page and videos page, if our script dont find our link you can`t submit videos !
- The problems with our script is fixed! From now we will accept 1 video every 10 minutes becouse to many webmasters adding videos on
- If you are escort website, when you add girls profile on our website be sure the title will be like this ( Country - Escort Name - And Msg ) if not your website will be banned !

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Additional Rules
1. New Max Videos Adding Day!
Gold its 5 videos day with High Lighted By Gold Color
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Alexa Top2: 10,000 - 40,000 its 4 videos day.
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Alexa Top3: 5.000,000+ its 0 videos day. ( We are not sure about this! )
We dont accept any website low 5.000.000 alexa because many people start spaming our website. We try to help everyone but some people dont know how to apreciate this, we are sorry for any problems
(this its not ready the finish setup, possible we will update this soon)

2. Only submit links that have videos.
3. No short videos (minimum 2 min. long), excessive fake players, or annoying ads/pop-ups
4. No child porn/incest/real abuse videos or link dumps from hateful sites.
5. We are no longer accepting links that use embedded videos from illegal tubes or websites who dont accept iFrames.
6. We are no longer accepting duplicates website ip ! 1 ip = 1 website !.

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- You can add 5 videos per day ! Not just 4 or 3 or 2 or 1 Videos !
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